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Creating Impact through Social Innovation

Harnessing nanotech innovation to improve the lives of people is core to JJWide Biotrade’s mission as an organization serving communities nationally and around the world.
Even just as a small organization JJWide Biotrade harbors an audacious goal to bring novel and realistic concepts to market by transforming scientific innovations into tangible, consumer-orientated applications that can bring a positive and sustainable social impact.
Over the past decade there has been significant interest in the promise that micro and nanotechnology holds for life sciences.
As the new wave of nanotech-based products and therapies start to arrive in the form of sophisticated medical products, applications and interventions that will profoundly change the nature of healthcare in the near future, JJWide Biotrade maintains our long-term commitment to research and development
Nanotechnology is changing how we manage our environment, offering replacements to aggressive cleaning chemicals, new solutions for infection control, public health and food hygiene. By manipulating molecules to create novel structures, devices and systems with outstanding properties, products are becoming lighter, stronger, healthier, smaller, more durable and safer
The use of nanotechnology in the field of health, hygiene and medicine could revolutionize the way we avoid, control, detect and treat damage to the human body and disease in the future, and many techniques only imagined a few years ago are making remarkable progress towards becoming realities.

The new innovation paradigm is essentially characterised by the opening of the innovation process to society. Alongside companies, universities and research institutes, citizens and customers become relevant actors of innovation processes.
In light of the increasing importance of social innovation, JJWide conducts R&D and produces healthcare & hygiene products for the benefits of people based on society demand and social relevancy.

For new products to become relevant in future, social innovations must generate lasting value for target groups. This therefore tells us to call out to all out there – our customers, prospective buyers, and the public to come forth and offer feedback, information sharing and support. Turning an idea to become a social innovation, it needs to meet social demand, providing capability to resolve an issue, and receive acceptance by those concerned.

If you “Promise to Buy”
we will produce it

All innovations are socially relevant, we need your support.

We have a simple preposition “Promise to Buy” and we will produce it
Now you as a consumer, a caring citizen can decide what healthcare & hygiene products will appear in tomorrow’s market place. What products are good for you, good for your family, the products our society locally and globally needs most? 
The likes of healthy nutritional foods, medicine, alternative treatment in herbal/traditional medicine, medical device at reasonable pricing

Cure Through Innovation
Share your ideas, give your comments
Get our products, use them, experience at first-hand the benefits and tell your friends, family how they have impacted you and your lifestyle, spread the word for more people to use the products.
Come back to us with feedback, help us improve, do better, share your ideas of design, packaging even marketing.
You can also participate by joining us, we have great career opportunities, and you are welcome to also consider financial investment in what we do.
Help us built a community around our Social Innovation theme by coming on board to our Facebook, spreading our ‘goal’ of bringing novel, beneficial and realistic products to markets to your various groups via whatsapp,twitter,pinterest,viber.

Our hope is to create
game changing work with

JJWide Biotrade took its inception as a company in 1999 when SARS, H1N1, H5N1, hand foot mouth disease become common infectious diseases throughout the nation and the world. In these new times much more disease are on the rise HIV, cancer, Hepatitis B, dengue and Ebola.
With scientists chasing after cure-all anti-virus treatments and a universal flu vaccine in labs around the world, the eradication of infectious diseases certainly appears to be medical research's ultimate goal.
Eradication of an infectious disease is an extraordinary goal. Its possibility became apparent as soon as Edward Jenner demonstrated an ability to provide immunity to smallpox
JJWide is with this drive too by taking a stake to becoming a leader to improve consumer behavior change for better health, sanitation, hygiene and sustainability through Social Innovation led by its brand of products known as ONano, and hopes to garner the support of the community to come together within new ventures and investments in the design, development and widespread of its products.

We have serious intention to meet market players to come together as joint collaborators to share ideas and the vision for new nano product developments in areas of health care and hygiene.

We invite you to COME BE A PART OF US!

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