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Safe for Use Around Children

BioNano Clean bring you toward global trend of consumer using "green" products. Nano-Ion rapidly and thoroughly kills harmful, illness causing bacteria, fungi and viruses.
It is an environment friendly and non-toxic product, safe for plants, pets and humans. Nano- Ion is a natural health defense, colorless and odorless, with a distinctly flowerlike smell. An unparalleled antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial agent for everyday use.

BioNano Clean: Ionic Silver-Based spray ideal for use near children. It is safe for use where children may come into contact with them. The raw materials are formulated and marketed specifically for use in childcare facilities and family homes with children. It give you 24 Hours of Continous Protection against recontamination by dangerous, contagious germs.

What proof or test reports supports these claims?
Use claims include:
Use on children's toys, toy boxes, play tables and activity centers, jungle gyms, playpens, child car seats, strollers and diaper changing tables. The US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) registration of such sensitive use sites, emphasizes the "least-toxic" characteristics of products. These claims allow use in daycare centers, preschools, schools, gymnasiums and children's activity centers, as well as disinfection of hard surfaces including those in restaurants, homes and medical facilities.

New Industry Benchmark: Lower Toxicity with Higher Efficacy
Toxic chemicals, like ammonium chloride, have been the standard means of hard surface disinfection for the past three decades. An nano ionic silver complex is both less toxic and more powerful.

Based on the EPA toxicity categorization of antimicrobial products ranging from Category I (high toxicity) down to Category IV, BioNano Clean is a Category IV antimicrobial for which precautionary labeling statements are normally not required. This compares with Category II warning statements for most leading brands of antimicrobial products.

BioNano Clean high efficacy and low toxicity set a new industry benchmark, which kills 650 dangerous organisms in only 10min provides protection without delivering poison at the same time.

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