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SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands -
WHO's global annual campaign on  5 May.
ONano Antimicrobial Protection Spray is a specially assembled protection kit based on the germ killing power of biomedical hygiene technology.
The annual campaign to maintain a global profile was first launched in 2009 by WHO. It was to promote best hand hygiene practices globally, at all levels of health care, as a first step in ensuring high standards of infection control and patient safety.
Hand hygiene, a very simple action to ensure hands are free of germ, is well accepted to be the primary measure to make infection prevention and control a priority in health care everywhere, with clean hands as the basis.
Germs like A H1N1, SARS or Avian flu are single-celled microbes that cause disease. Nano Silver ion kills grams bacteria and airborne microbes quick. Silver nanos are about the size of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores; the nanos attack them, soaking the oxygen out and keeps killing for months.

A H1N1, H7N9, and SARS Flu are transferred by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. Even touching your hair if it has virus that has settled on it and then touching your nose can infect you, so you have protection for your hair, hands, nasal and oral cavities as well.

Why use ONano? Silver bullet of microbes !!

Reduces the risk of health care-acquired infections by helping to protect against a wide range of germs that may cause disease. 

It can supplement handwashing and when soap and water aren't readily available. Once applied, kills all types of bacteria and eColi viruses within 15 seconds and keeps your hands clean and soft.

Washing your hands with normal hand cleaners to kill A H1N1, H5N1 /SARS flu virus is that they contain harsh chemicals. There are dozens of antiseptic cleaning products that do a very good job at killing germs on contact.
The problem is your hands may be clean immediately after washing, but the harsh chemicals make your skin vulnerable to infections minutes afterward. Any surface that has been cleaned can become re-contaminated with dangerous microbes within a very short period of time if the antiseptic cleaning product is not re-applied over and over again throughout the day.

Microbes can be carried to contact surface on something as innocuos as a small breeze from a person walking by ... or a sneeze or cought that sends billions of microbes into the air in a room. It is for this very reason that hospitals have large full-time cleaning crews that are constantly cleaning and sterilizing doorknobs, counter tops, floor etc.

ONANO Antimicrobial with silver ions are used in hospitals and medical equipment to kill germs and virus non-invasively and is completely safe for children and older people.

Common Infection among children:
HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Diesease infections)

Our manufacturing plant can meet your delivery date on time. Please give turnaround time 4 days to 1 week upon payment or P/O confirmation for your order

  • At work, school, kindergarten, child care, hotel
  • Any time or place you can't wash! 
  • In the kitchen 
  • In bathroom for extra care 
  • After changing diapers or handling money 
  • After squeezing pimples 
  • After touching pets 
  • Before drive-thru meals or when camping 

Spray on hands/body and rub until dry. There is no unpleasant residue on hands after using it.

On object: Simply spray enough to barely moisten the filter media evenly - no need to soak the media wet; barely damp is best.


ONANO only eliminates microrganisms with single-cell. Not harmful to humans with multiple cells.
It is because human cells are 5,000 times larger that silver nanos, they are not attacked.

Overspray is harmless to humans, animals and plants.
*in very rare instances, humans can be allergic to silver*

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