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What proof or test reports supports these benefit claims?

BioNano Ion: Anti Mould (Testing on bread)

B: (on right) Spray with distilled water only
Result of observation within:
1week and 2nd Weeks shown as per attached.

After 10 days

Anti Alga

BioNano Ion:
It keep away alga.
It is safe for human, plants & Pets..?

This product is recommended for daily use to keep your hands clean and fresh and an added moisturizer will leave your skin moisturized without irritation.
Place enough product in your palm to thoroughly cover your hands.  Rub hands together briskly until dry.
  • Unlike conventional hand sanitizer, our product shows excellent long lasting anti-microbial effect against MRSA, E.coli and S.aureus even after drying due to the effect of  finely dispersed nano-silver ingredient.
  • It is convenient to use anywhere and anytime when soap, water and towels are not immediately available.
  • Minimize skin irritation with an added high-quality moisturizer.
  • Before and after meal.
  • When working on computer at work.
  • When you are nursing a baby or baby-sitting.
  • When children return home from school and plying.
  • After using public facilities.
  • Before and after nursing for patient- When you have a cold or eye infection.
Kills viruses,germs, bacteria with BioNano ion.

BioNano formulated use in:
  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • restaurants
  • schools
  • offices
  • homes
  • day care facilities
  • exercise facilities
  • beauty shops
  • barber shops
  • locker rooms
  • public restrooms
  • subways
  • trains
  • airplanes
  • ships
  • busses
  • taxis
  • school busses
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • veterinary clinics
  • animal shelters
  • poultry houses

Safe use around children:
  • children's toys
  • toy boxes
  • jungle gyms
  • playhouses
  • walls
  • floors
  • counters
  • cabinets
  • sinks
  • tubs
  • showers
  • diaper pails
  • diaper changing tables
  • toilet surfaces
  • doorknobs
  • appliances
  • stove tops
  • telephones
  • light switch covers
  • desks
  • play tables
  • child car seats
  • strollers
  • computer keyboards
  • tanning beds
  • bed frames
  • wheelchairs
  • examination tables
  • cribs
  • playpens
  • activity centers
  • waste containers
  • tubes and chairs
  • plastic
  • metal
  • glass
  • glazed surfaces

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